Collector Gallery

Cedar Mesa Pottery supports and encourages employees to expand their talents. Many of our artists have developed particular skills with one or more styles of pottery decoration including air brushing, hand painting and etching. Artists use combinations and variations of these basic techniques to create beautiful collectible art pieces.

The Collectors Gallery is where we will showcase specialty pieces by some of the better artists we work with. Artists may introduce limited edition as well as one-of-a-kind pieces. Please visit the site often to see what is new in the Collectors Gallery.

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 Chris Blackhorse Chris Blackhorse       Dwayne Blackhorse Dwayne Blackhorse

 Martha Dominguez Martha Dominguez     Elsie Bigman Elsie Bigman

 Etta Rock  Etta Rock                 James Benally James Benally

 Leo Blackhorse Leo Blackhorse          Lucinda Slick Lucinda Slick

 Shirley Smith Shirley Smith